Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Have you ever struggled with coming up with some Christmas gift exchange ideas? You are not alone. This is sometimes a difficult one because you often do not know who the recipient is. It is much easier if you draw specific names. But often times, drawing is random. So how to proceed?

First of all, Set a Budget if possible. This makes everyone's life much easier. We highly recommend that you Set a Theme as well. It can be as simple as "male" and "female" or as specific as you want. Themed gift exchanges usually turn out better because everyone has some guidelines in which to shop.

Christmas gift exchange ideas such as Food Gifts, Alcohol Gifts, Book Gifts and Movie Gifts are fairly generic, but allow for some creativity too. For example, instead of a just bottle of vodka, you could buy a martini set, the alcohol and mixers. Obviously, the budget will dictate how extravagant you can be, but you could even trim this down to 1 martini glass (maybe hand painted), 1 small bottle of vodka and a martini recipe card.

A book exchange could include a book and a book light or a book and a book mark. A movie exchange could include a DVD and a package of microwave popcorn.

Another type of exchange is a Magazine Subscription gift exchange. Some of the best Christmas gifts are magazine subscriptions. The trick here is to buy subscriptions that would be useful to a wide variety of people. You may want to allow for swapping as well. Ideal magazine ideas for this purpose are Time, Real Simple, Money, Cooking Light, Family Fun, People. Another way to make this more specific is to have females exchange with females and males exchange with males. You can then purchase more gender specific magazine subscriptions.

Some other themes for Christmas gift exchange ideas are Things to Use Around the House, Pampering Items, Gift Cards, Ornaments, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Organization Items, TV on DVD Series, Board Games, Office Supplies, Stationery Items, etc. Obviously, the theme depends on the group of people involved, but brainstorm some ideas. Everyone may well end up with something they really like!

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