Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

When coming up with some best friend birthday gift ideas, obviously, your age group is going to dictate the direction you take here, so we've divided our suggestions into some general age groups for you.

The first age group for our friendship gifts is the Teen Group. Gifts for teens will vary widely based on your budget, but for the sake of this article, we will look at inexpensive to modestly priced gifts that teen best friends would exchange with one another.

Let's look first at best friend birthday gift ideas for Girls. By the way, this is from the perspective of a girl's best friend being a girl. If you are a guy with a girl for a best friend, these particular ideas are probably not going to work for you - but, they might give you an idea!

That being said girls, think about some of the things your best friend likes best. Is she a girly girl, really into fashion, and hair and makeup? Or is she more into the outdoor or sports and athletics? Maybe she is an intellectual and really loves to read or go to the theater. Perhaps she loves anything techy. Maybe she is a complex mix of everything! Only you know your best friend the best.

Make a list of some of those things. Instead of just giving you a list of individual items for friendship gifts here, we are going to show you some ways to combine ideas to come up with some really unique best friend birthday gift ideas! You may want to use some of our ideas exactly as they are or they may spark a brand new idea for you that will be totally unique and personalized to your best friend!

Let's say your best friend loves make up and clothes. You've bought her lip glosses and different things like this in the past for friendship gifts, so you don't want to do the same old, same old. What else does she like? Let's also say that she has always loved having sleepovers with her friends, and the two of you have talked about doing make up makeovers at some point. How about fixing up a gift basket with some make up items and some dress up items, with instructions on inviting whoever she wants to your house for a night of makeovers? These types of parties make terrific gifts for teens!

Another great twist on these friendship gifts is to make it something out of the ordinary - like make up you'd never wear out of the house - Goth, or wildly sparkly, fake eyelashes, boas, etc. (Be sure to check with parents on all of this!) Maybe ask people to bring extra dress up items to the party. Give it a theme. Take pictures. Make her a scrapbook later.

best friend birthday gift ideas

Here's some more best friend gift ideas. Do a girlfriend manicure night (again - check with parents). Here is what you'll need: Nail polish remover, cotton balls, nail clippers, nail file, bowl or other container, towel, orange stick (optional), nail polish, clear base/top coat polish, hand cream, cuticle oil (optional). You can either do your own nails or do each others.

How about the hair girl? One of our favorite best friend birthday gift ideas is to find a mom who will come in to do hairdos for a birthday sleepover. Make the sleepover part of your present. You could also do a basket full of hair items like shampoo, conditioner, hair accessories, temp hair color (get permission) and so on. Some of these products can be expensive, so maybe this basket could be a group present - everyone pitches in something.

Does your best friend love Twilight? We're sure you know there is a multitude of Twilight related products out there, but how to come up with something unique? How about a Twilight party for a birthday gift that you host? Everything is decorated with Twilight decor, dress up is Twilight, etc. For the Twilight fans out there, these parties are awesome friendship gifts that will be remembered for years to come.

How about the girl who loves sleepovers, perfume and crafts? Host a perfume making party for her! Buy a perfume making kit at a local craft store (you may need more than one depending on the number of people you invite) and create some awesome new scents. Add variety to this theme by buying some small bottles at a dollar store to put your creations in. Decorate them with all kinds of beads and embellishments. Take your friend with you to buy all the supplies.

Getting the idea? Gifts for teens don't always have to involve a sleepover, but the idea here is to take the little things that make your best friend her and combine them into something really cool that will make her special day really special.

Now for the Teen Boys. Always the harder of the two. Best friend birthday gift ideas for them are a bit trickier, but we think we've come up with some cool ideas for you. As we've said before, make your list of what your best friend likes and what they are into. Most of these gifts for teens will work for a male best friend of a male or female. You are the best judge of that.

Depending on your best friend's age, shaving stuff always makes good friendship gifts. Boring you say? Well, maybe, but think about this. Whether he's just started shaving or has been for awhile, chances are he has never bought himself a gift set, which could contain items like body wash, face wash, shave gel, a body bar, and face lotion. Think about presentation - think of a cool container to put all that stuff in. There are also travel kits out there for travelers or if they have a vacation coming up.

If you are really looking for more unique gifts for teens and your best friend likes tech stuff, there are some very cool things out there. Did you know that you can get a USB flash drive that hooks around your wrist or that you can wear around your neck in the form of military dog tags?

Some other cool best friend birthday gift ideas are very unique tech items like flexible, roll up key boards or calculators. Or things like mouse pads with sound chips or some very interesting T-shirts and assorted other gifts for those males interested in math,engineering, etc. Check out these ideas for the tech-oriented person at

Some of our favorite gifts for teens in the tech category are unique USB flash drives. There are a lot of them out there and if interested you should do some searching, but these are some of our favorites: iPod Memory Stick and Fast Food USB flash drives (and other cool USB toys)

gifts for teens For the gaming guys out there, subscriptions to magazines like Nintendo Power might make great best friend birthday gift ideas. Also, Gelaskins, which are removable covers for protecting and customizing your portable devices can be found at
If you'd like to do something a bit customized, how about a customizable mousepad?

Some nice gaming friendship gifts might be combinations of a Gelaskin, magazine subscription and a gaming t-shirt, put into bins for game storage. Wrap them all up like a gift basket and you have unique, great gifts!

For best friend birthday gift ideas for those in the Over 21 crowd, you can use some of the ideas listed above, but adjust according to age. For example, you are probably not going to have a sleep over make up and dress up night, but maybe you could do a girls night out where your gift to your best friend is a night (or day) at a salon.

Or maybe a shopping day, just the 2 of you, complete with a lunch or dinner. Or maybe go ahead and have a mani/pedi evening at your house - invite or hire someone in that does nails, invite you and your best friend's group of friends and serve appetizers and cocktails. As far as perfect friendship gifts go, a fancy dinner and play might just be the ticket!

Consider these best friend birthday gift ideas as well. If your best friend is really into crafts, host a craft night at your house for her. Does she love movies? Create a movie gift basket for her and take her out to the movies. Or host a movie night at your house for her and your friends.

Is she a hiker? If you are too, plan a special hike with her and bring a picnic lunch.

Does she love to garden? Weather permitting, a lovely gift idea is a day at the local arboretum and lunch out. Really, all of these combined event/luncheon ideas make fabulous friendship gifts.

Some other terrific best friend birthday gift ideas are scrapbooks you put together of many good times you and they have experienced, jewelry of any type (consider making a necklace or charm bracelet for her!), CD of his or her favorite songs, digital photo frames, musical Best Friend picture frames, books and anything handmade (often the most treasured friendship gifts of all)!

Remember to think about things they would not necessarily buy for themselves. If you can identify something they'd love without them ever having told you about it, think about how special they will feel when they realize that you, their best friend, knows them so well that you figured it out!

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